Who we are

In 2019, we both wanted to build an online business that would create a splash in our customers’ lives. The question then was what we should focus on.

At that time, Thomas had designed hundreds of websites and Bakhita had sweated blood and tears to master copywriting skills. We therefore decided to merge our skills… and viola, PurpleEtch was born!

Bakhita Waruguru

“The Copywriter”

Writer. Idea generator. Obsessed with researching and reading…(hence the glasses…) Moved from streamlining business processes and doing accounting to writing in a way that moves customers to not only take action but also experience the world through a new perspective. Big heart that wants to create win-win situations for everyone even if it means sharing a delicious Snickers bar.

Thomas Mbai

“Marketing & Outreach Systems”

Master builder of websites. The computer scientist and IT expert around here. Graduated from constructing rockets, amplifiers and circuits to building websites that are focused on breeding success.

Super organised…from his schedule, to PurpleEtch’s business processes, he deals with the marketing and outreach systems.

What keeps us in business is a passion for building products that produce outstanding results every time. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s fascinating.

When we’re not working on PurpleEtch, you’ll probably find us cuddled up watching the latest episode of an intelligent drama / anime series or checking out the latest business / philosophical videos on YouTube.